Current Allergy List

As of 10/27/10, here are Bethany's allergies:

1.  Eggs (life-threatening)
2.  Honey (severe)
3.  All seeds (severe) - this includes sunflower, sesame (& tahini), poppy, mustard, cumin, etc. etc. etc.  We are avoiding all seed oils & annatto for now.
4.  Coconut (severe)
5.  Oats (moderate)
6.  Soy (moderate)
7.  Tomato (moderate)
8.  Rye (low)
9.  Barley (low)

Tips for those mommies that go out of their way for Bethany...I am truly blessed with so many friends that want to do the right thing!

- Even if you think she can have it or it's a product she's had before, please leave the bag/box out for me to check.  Her diet is ever-changing!
- Please do not feel you have to provide food for her.  I love that I have so many friends who try but I also know how much effort it takes to put on a playgroup or party, and I am used to taking food with me wherever I go.  I'd hate for you to go the extra mile only to find out she still can't have it for some reason.  I'm happy to help out!
- The foods I really do hope are excluded in any gathering, however, are these:  any products with whole-eggs, anything with honey, and anything with seeds.  Adults can eat these things around her, but I don't trust kiddos to not smear it all over themselves and then touch her or her food.  The honey and seeds aren't necessarily because of the severity, but because honey gets on everything and seeds tend to not stick on the food that they were cooked on.  :-)
-  If in doubt, call me!  As you can see from these posts, all of this stuff is enough to make your eyes crossed.  I don't even think Matt can keep it all straight.  I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.  And when in doubt, don't feed her!  :-)